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Giving Back: Supporting Local Causes

Supporting local organizations is a non-negotiable passion of mine and something I feel grateful to be able to intertwine with my business. I’ve been on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity so many times throughout my life and have experienced firsthand how incredibly impactful it can be. I try to remind myself every day to focus on gratitude, how to show it, and where and how I can give back!

Client Centered, Community Focused

The Renshaw Group launched our “Client Centered, Community Focused” initiative in 2024 and we’re thrilled at how everything is rolling out. We donate two hundred dollars from every closing to a local charity and let the client pick from a list of the three we’ve chosen to concentrate our efforts on: Wishing Star Foundation, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, or Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest.

Easter 2024 supporting the Children’s Hospital alongside The Colab Comms

These organizations are near and dear to our hearts for so many reasons; personal experiences, personal connections, and overall appreciation for their missions and impact potential being just a few. We’re so lucky to have these amazing resources in our city and The Renshaw Group is proud to support them in any way we can!

More Than Just Donations

To say “just donations” sounds wrong because these organizations truly appreciate each and every cent they’re given, but they’re also in need of so much more. They’re in need of face-to-face time, event participation, and boots-on-the-ground efforts that don’t require their over-extended staff to do the coordinating. Our group has committed to volunteering at least once per month with one of these incredible organizations and is always looking for other creative ways to give our time and talents.

  • Wishing Star Foundation: I have been personally involved with the Wishing Star Foundation for years and was the presenting sponsor for their Wishes and Wine event for several years. Our group continues to volunteer today and will be goat wrangling for their Send a Friend a Goat event this year!
  • Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital: If you’ve ever had young kids in Spokane, you know what an absolute blessing this place is. Clean, comforting, and with the best staff, we have one of the best options for miles in every direction. We’ve financially supported the organization for years, but decided to take it one step further this year by putting together Easter baskets for all the children staying in the hospital. We teamed up with local lender, Kyle Gilliam, and PR firm, The Colab Comms, to deliver 145 Easter baskets. We have plans to do the same for Halloween and hope to continue the tradition for years to come!
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest: Another amazing local resource! We have been longtime supported of the organization through donations and volunteer hours. This year, I also made the decision to join the Board and am incredibly excited about the contribution opportunities this will bring.
Easter 2024 supporting the Children’s Hospital

How to Get Involved

So how can you get involved and give back? There are so many organizations in need of support in our area, but we know deciding when and where to give your resources can be daunting. One simple way to start is by visiting Volunteer Spokane’s website. They have an “Opportunity” page and are continuously posting for organizations with immediate and specific needs.

Of course, we’re partial to the organizations we support, and you can visit each of their websites or call them directly to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Ronald McDonald House has a lot of great one-time opportunities you can sign up for – like cooking a meal for families staying at the House – if you’re looking for something with less of a long-term commitment.

The Renshaw Group attending an RMHC INW event

With all the worthy causes and organizations out there, it’s more important than ever to give back to our communities and we hope that you’ll join us in this initiative!

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