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5 Things you might HATE about the South Hill!

Are you planning to move to the South Hill of Spokane, but the fear of what you won’t like, is paralyzing? Years ago, the fear of what I didn’t know had me worried it would never feel like home. In this blog, I will explain five things you may not like so you can stop worrying and start getting excited. Make sure to stay for my final point, something many buyers don’t think of when considering a South Hill home. Hello, I am Desiree Renshaw, a top-producing realtor in Spokane, WA, helping families reach their real estate goals

Number 1

It is expensive. People will pay a premium to live on the south hill for many reasons, the excellent proximity, beautiful tree-lined streets, unique historic homes, and the abundance of parks. To be on the south hill, you will likely find a smaller, older home that is not updated, and it will cost you more than a large, brand new home in a different location. 


Number Two

Lack of land. Open land to build on is rare. Because finding land is so tricky, and tearing down a house can be expensive. It is important to see the renovation potential, something I love to do, but an added renovation budget can be a hard pill to swallow when paying a premium for a home. Anyone drawn to new construction will likely have to head further South on the hill away from the bulk of the parks, shops, restaurants, and schools.  


Number Three

The roads. You will find many tire divets and potholes, and some of the charming historic streets are cobblestone. Many out-of-town buyers ask about the hills, and if I suggest four-wheel drive, the answer is yes, specifically for the winter months, which leads me to point number 4.

Number Four

The snow. One of the reasons the roads require improvements is because the snowplows, and deicer wreak havoc. Some of the main roads leading up the hill are very steep and closed during snowfall. Knowing the best routes to get up the hill safely, such as cedar street, is essential. The neighborhood streets do not get plowed thoroughly and can be a pain to navigate; however, you can literally sled down the roads to one of your favorite parks.


Number Five

The lack of natural light in some of the historic areas lower on the South Hill. In these areas, the hill itself can block the sun. There is typically more sunshine as you work your way south towards the Palouse and west towards high-drive. The days in Spokane are short in the winter months, and the extra light is appreciated. This week, it was sunny when I was driving near the Palouse Highway, and by the time I reached Manito Park, it was foggy.

Now that you know what you may not like about the South Hill...

comment below if there is anything you think I missed and if you are ready to learn what you will love, stay tuned for my next blog, featuring some of my South Hill favorites.

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