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Meet Sasha, Resident “Figure-it-Outer”

I met Sasha in a mom’s group about 5 years ago and knew instantly we would be close friends. We’re both incredibly honest and open communicators (love us or hate us!), have a love for interior design, and have an unwavering passion for the people who matter to us. But it’s our differences that really brought us together professionally. I’m an over analyzer to my core, while Sasha is a fly-by-the-seat of-her-pants, jump-right-in kind of gal. If she has a task or a problem to solve, she’ll just get it done. Her skills and passions complement our team so well, and we’re stronger because of it.

Spokane Love

Sasha was born and raised in the Seattle area and came to Spokane for college (go Zags!). She and her husband, Alex, lived on the West Side for several years before moving back when they outgrew their Seattle bungalow (as well as the traffic and cost of living). Alex grew up on the South Hill and loved the idea of raising their family close to family. Sasha developed her love for Spokane during her college years and was thrilled at the concept of moving back. She loved the idea of raising kids in a mid-sized city that feels more like a small town, with four distinct seasons and everything else Spokane has to offer.

Sasha and her husband are thrilled at the decision to move back to Spokane

Sasha and Alex currently live on the South Hill with their two kids; 8-year-old Theo, who loves engineering problems and capture the flag, and 6-year-old-Isla, who loves playing make believe and throws one heck of a dance party. They love family game nights, exploring new restaurants, and hosting just about any event you can think of… BBQs, pizza parties, playdates, weekends at the lake… no matter the event, Sasha really is the hostess with the mostest!

Career Pivot

When I met Sasha, she was working remotely for a tech company leading operations. She’ll tell you herself she could have put that job on cruise control and stayed forever, but one thing I love and admire about Sasha is that she thrives off being challenged. Her kids were at an age where they would be in school full-time and didn’t need her in the same way they did when they were toddlers. She was ready for something different. When I asked her if she would consider getting into real estate again – something she had explored in the past – she initially said no but changed her mind the following day. She said she would always regret giving up the opportunity to pursue a career and industry that inspired her.

If you don’t already know, Sasha has a master’s degree in social work and worked in the field for a time. She has a passion for understanding people and for helping them navigate major life transitions, which moves can often be. As an added bonus, she loves to explore a space’s potential and has a wicked eye for design!

Sasha has a master’s in social work and has a passion for helping people navigate transitions

The Whole Package

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, balancing strengths is a huge component to success. Sasha and I have a ton in common, but we also have beautifully complimenting strengths and weaknesses that round out our team and result in a more complete package for our clients. We communicate well, have a mutual respect for one another, and have I mentioned that Sasha is a total boss and has run TEN MARATHONS?! To boot, she’s an incredible listener, laughs a lot, smiles a lot, and brings an overall balance to our team that is evident in every facet of our

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