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Move with Ease: The Ultimate Relocation Guide

Moving to a new city can be daunting (heck, moving across the street can be daunting!), so we put our combined local experience together to develop an all-encompassing relocation guide for our new-to-the-city clients. Curious about the weather? Distinct Spokane neighborhoods? Area medical and education offerings? We’ve got you covered! We’ll break down the basics below, or you can find the full Relocation Guide here for all the details.

Getting to Know the Area

There’s a reason Spokane is the smallest city to ever host the World’s Fair (coming up on it’s 50 th anniversary in May 2024!). There is something indescribably magical about a mid-sized city with rich history, loads of local pride, four distinct seasons and completely encircled by nature. 

The Inland Northwest region is a recreational paradise, showcasing 76 lakes and 5 major ski and snowboard areas within 90 minutes of Spokane, plus more than 30 golf courses and over 85 public parks within Spokane city limits. Then, of course, you have the exceptional restaurant scene for a city of this size; fun arts and culture venues; noteworthy musical and theater options; and major annual events like Hoopfest, Bloomsday, and the Lilac Festival. 

Whether you’re born and raised Spokane or relocate later in life, those who have the opportunity to discover it understand that it’s not quite like anywhere else!

Numerica Skate Ribbon, Photo via City of Spokane

The Neighborhoods

Let’s be honest, if your day-to-day routine isn’t set in a surrounding that fits you and your lifestyle, it doesn’t really matter which city you live in. Finding the right neighborhood for your new home is almost as important as finding the right home itself. Our Relocation Guide delves deep into the various areas of Spokane’s South Hill and offers an overview of surrounding neighborhoods like the Perry District, Eagle Ridge, Liberty Lake, the North Side, Spokane Valley and Kendall Yards. These distinct locations offer something for everyone, and we would love to explore each and every one with you until you find your perfect fit!

The Weather

Have we mentioned the weather? If you’re a “sun-only” kind of person, Spokane may not be for you, but if you love watching the leaves turn in the fall, experiencing the magic of a white winter, cultivating a blossoming peony garden come spring, and enjoying “Lake Life” to it’s fullest in the summer, then you’ve come to the right place. Spokane has four very distinct seasons, each with its own adventures to unfold.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Medical + Educational Facilities

One of the most common things we hear from clients relocating to Spokane is how they’re amazed at the healthcare options in the area. Spokane is considered a regional medical hub, offering state-of-the-art facilities and four full-service hospitals which are among the largest in the state.

Local educational offerings also impress, with expansive public and private K-12 options. Spokane’s public schools have excellent student-teacher ratios and consistently rate highly in state rankings. The area’s University District is growing, with Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, Whitworth University, Washington State University and University ofWashington all having main or secondary campuses locally.

Upper Spokane Falls, Image by Ian Sane via flickr

Key Stats and Industries

The guide delves into economic stats and contributing factors to overall quality of life, including having no state income tax, a 10% lower cost of living than the state average, and the benefits of having a major presence from key industries like Manufacturing, Health and Sciences, and Logistics and Freight.

And More!

Find detailed information about everything listed above and so much more in our full Relocation Guide. Seriously… we consider ourselves local experts on all Spokane has to offer, and we packed a LOT of information into one all-inclusive guide. Anything we can do to simplify your decision to move to Spokane – or your integration into Spokane life once you get here – is a win for us and why we got into the industry in the first place!

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