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New To Spokane? How To Meet Mom Friends!

Are you a mom moving to Spokane or new to the area and in desperate need of friendship?  If you answered yes to this question, cheer up because I know what it feels like to be new to town all too well!

 In this blog, I will share a few excellent ways to start building community so that you can stop feeling lonely and start feeling connected asap.


For those of you that don’t know me, I am Desiree Renshaw, a mother, a transplant to Spokane, and a top-producing realtor. I have moved a lot in my life, but when I moved to Spokane, the transition was more difficult than the others I have had. But, I worked hard to meet people and grow my diverse world of friendship. So, if you need some ideas to create connection, you have come to the right place! Make sure to stay to the end so that you don’t miss a single detail! I recommend trying them all.

Nurture Lactation

Have you heard of Nurture Lactation? I hold this business close to my heart for MANY reasons. First, I believe in what this business offers, but the owner is also a past client and the sister to my beloved assistant Alyssa. Second, lactation support is incredible and essential to our community. They offer even more than that. My words simply cannot do it justice. Check out their website for upcoming events and Mom Group gatherings. They are committed to establishing community and building friendship. I wish Nurture Lactation had been around when I had my babies because I needed it.  

Manito Co-Ops and MOPS

Manito Co-op and MOPS. I have been involved in Co-op for almost four years now, ever since Jude was an infant. Co-op is a place for parents and children to learn and grow together. There is an infant, toddler 1, and toddler 2 class. Each class meets once per week. The friendships made at Co-op have been life-changing, and all with moms in similar stages with their kids. MOPS meets once per month, and you are assigned to one table with a table lead, mentor mom, and the same group of ladies each time. There are many events outside of this monthly meeting, and each table gets together pretty regularly. The meetings are just for the moms, so childcare is provided and allows moms a breather and adult time to connect.

Mom and Me Classes

Mom and me classes, such as mom and me yoga, gymnastics, art. Some of my Co-op mom friends joined Hike it baby Spokane when they moved here and loved it. Their mission is beautiful, with a commitment for families to connect with nature and find a love for the outdoors. Everyone is welcome. If you crave connection, nature, and physical activity, you should certainly check out this group.

Book Clubs

Book clubs. When I moved to Spokane, I joined two book clubs! I am so glad that I did because I am still great friends with the ladies, even though both clubs have since fizzled out. I recommend checking out Aunties Book store. They offer six different book clubs to appeal to a variety of interests. Some are still provided virtually, and others are now in person. Even the virtual book clubs can be the segway to setting up a friend date with someone who has similar interests! 

Running Groups

Running Groups. There are more running clubs than I can list! I recommend checking out the Inlander for a comprehensive list! However, the Manito Park running club and the flying Irish are two honorable mentions. If you are an intermediate or advanced runner and prefer a morning run, you should look into Manito Park running club. They meet on Saturdays at 8 am, followed by coffee and socializing at the lovely Rockwood Bakery. The Flying Irish meet every Thursday night and typically have dinner and drinks afterward! When my younger sister moved to Spokane for a year, she found so much joy running on Thursday nights with the flying Irish.

Athletic Clubs

Although there are many more fun ideas to list, I will finish this with my final point. Athletic clubs. There are classes at the larger gyms, but these days there are so many smaller studios geared explicitly to building community. I am a massive fan of Farmgirl Fit and Air-O fitness. These gyms have incredible owners, super fun workouts, and a community built around relationships. You can even bring your kids! I recently started working out at Air-O fitness and am blown away by what they have created. Check them out for yourself.

Check out this video to find out what events to attend in Spokane this Summer.

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