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Tips for Sellers – Lighting Magic

Hi! Desiree Renshaw here, a realtor in Spokane, WA, and we are on tip number three in my series of tips for sellers.

This blog focuses on one of my FAVORITE things! Lighting! I tell everyone that lighting is the jewelry of the home. What a fun way to appeal to Buyers! So stay to the end to see some fun examples of inexpensive statement pieces.

Tip #1

There are many ways to update the lighting in a home. Of course, the obvious option is statement pieces such as pendants or chandeliers. Still, it is also beneficial to increase light altogether by adding more lights to a space or updating LED lighting. 

Do you know a comment I constantly hear when I show homes to buyers? This home is dark. I wish there were more light. Okay, so as I mentioned in my first video in this series, paint can increase how bright a home feels, but what about adding extra lighting? There is a strategy to this. Sometimes it is not cost-effective to add additional canned lights to a space or is simply tricky because of the material the walls/ceilings are made from, like plaster. But add where you can, update lightbulbs, clean glass lights and add floor and table lamps!

Another essential update you can make is LED lighting which is super popular with potential buyers, as are energy-efficient lighting systems and dimmer switches. LED lighting is a desirable feature because each light bulb will last significantly longer than a standard bulb. LED lighting systems are also significantly more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than regular lights, saving you (or your future buyer) a lot of money on utility bills. Dimmer switches are also always a bonus. Such an affordable way to change the energy in a space. Want the room to feel bright and energetic, turn those dimmers up. How about setting the mood for a dinner party? Turn those lights down. Buyers love this, and it can also help you set the tone for showings!

Tip #2

Okay, now for my favorite part. Statement lighting! “on trend” lighting makes an enormous impact on the desirability of a home. Recommending light fixture updates is part of my staging process because it arguably more essential than pretty art and furniture. Simply switching out a few light fixtures can instantly increase the appeal of a home. How much you should spend on each fixture depends on the property value of your home. However, in most cases, as the seller, this is not a piece you are buying for yourself so keep it affordable. Many stores offer incredible trending lights at very reasonable prices. Look at a statement light’s difference in an entryway vs. a safe, boring, builder-grade light. How about a dining room? Guess how much this light costs? So worth it! I cannot emphasize enough how selecting light fixtures that are currently trending maximize the appeal of your home. Even switching out one or two pieces makes a huge statement.

Tip #3

Okay, interior lighting is fun but don’t forget exterior lighting! Another fantastic way to increase curb appeal. At a minimum, make sure that the lights on the entrance and garage are clean, and not broken,  but updating those lights also makes an incredible first impression. Additionally, adding lighting to walkways, flower beds, and back patios sets a calming tone for a home.

Whatever you decide to do with your lighting, make sure all of your lights are clean, free of cobwebs and grease, and all lightbulbs have been replaced! Don’t pass up the chance to transform your space inexpensively with lighting. It is so much fun to participate in the transformation. You won’t be sorry.

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And if you know of some fun lighting tricks, comment below.

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