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Tips for Sellers – Paint

Hi! Desiree Renshaw here, a Realtor in Spokane, Wa. I decided it would be fun to do a blog series of tips for Sellers getting ready to list for several reasons. 

 First of all, I love getting a home ready to be listed, and I believe in staging every home, even in a Sellers Market, because certain tweaks make a huge difference and what I consider “staging” is not just pretty plants and furniture. Second, I cringe when a Seller comes to me and says, “we are thinking of selling our house, and we have already done all of the work needed to get it ready for the market.” I am not fond of this comment simply out of love for my Seller and the fear that where they spent their precious time and money will not necessarily bring them their most significant return on their investment. Third, I love when I can walk through a house with a Seller before any investment of time or money has been made and show them how they can get top dollar without spending the most money. I recently had a seller invest over $25,000 on mini-splits before they called me because they thought a future buyer would want air conditioning! As a seller, this is not an investment I would recommend!


Because I love the listing prep process so much, I thought that creating a video series with tips on maximizing your ROI would be helpful and fun! 

So Tip Number One in this blog series is dedicated to all things Paint!

Neutral Palette

So much of the staging process is creating a neutral palette to allow buyers to see themselves making the home their own easily. Paint is one great way to do this. Neutral colors allow potential Buyers to imagine your home with their furniture and style.


White is an easy neutral choice that adds brightness, but be aware of the undertone with any color! Even white comes in various shades, and you don’t want to choose one that clashes with your floors or makes things feel dirty. If choosing a color isn’t your strength, get assistance. Ideally, paint every room in the home the same color to keep things consistent.


Whatever you do, try not to keep any yellow, red, brown, or bright pastel color rooms. I could go really deep with you on all the psychology behind the emotions these colors evoke but just take my word for it. Not an option!

Exterior Paint and Curb Appeal

Ok, moving on to the exterior paint and curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal! First impressions are always a big deal, and Real Estate is NO exception! Exterior paint is a tad more tricky than the interior because of prep and cost. Depending on the color of your home, it may be more cost-effective to keep the color the same and just add a fresh new coat. However, if your home is brown or a bright, bold color, it might be worth the investment to change the color completely. Zillow studied the sale of over 3,200 homes and found houses painted a brown, taupe, or tan stucco sold for less than homes with a white exterior. If a white exterior feels too boring to you, try the “greige” option. Or check on trending exterior paint options and refrain from doing anything too bold.

Front Door Color

What is even more important than the exterior paint is your front door! In Zillow’s study, doors that were painted navy blue, dark gray, or charcoal sold for more than houses with white doors AND a black front door could increase the price of your home by 2.9 percent. At a minimum, make sure the door is clean and touched up. A front door starts the conversation on appeal and how well the home feels cared for.

Paint is an excellent way to make a small investment with a huge return!

This is only tip number one, so stay tuned for the rest of the videos in this series, and if you have any questions, please reach out or comment below.

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