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Why You Should Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Home!

Hi, Desiree Renshaw here, a realtor in Spokane, WA. The question today is, should you hire a Realtor to help sell your home? Maybe you wonder about for sale by owner or possibly a discount service. In this blog, I will bring up a few reasons why even in a Buyers or Seller’s market, it is the right decision to hire a realtor because you will likely make more money, have more fun, and have less stress while selling your home. My final point is one to stick around for. So let’s get started.

Number #1

Number one listing prep. My last three blogs focused on tips for sellers getting ready to list. Because if you use a realtor who knows what they are doing, even the most “perfectly clean and decorated” home will come with a “To Do” list when it comes to selling, or at least it should! Using a realtor that is smart with marketing can save you time and money during this preparation stage by showing you what to invest in the days leading up to photos and showings so that your home appeals to as many buyers as possible. Then, once they are in the door, the house seems as turn-key as possible. If you are curious about these prep tips, check out my series on Tips for Sellers.

Number #2

Number two marketing. Why work yourself to the bones getting your house ready if you aren’t doing excellent marketing. When selling your home, you want as many buyers to tour your property as possible. And how do you accomplish that? Marketing. Regardless of being in a Sellers or Buyers market, you only need one fantastic offer. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. Because even if the home is vacant or you still live there, who wants to deal with the inconvenience of showings or costs on a home you are ready to move on from? Are you confident you could market your home better than a seasoned agent that stays on top of the most current marketing trends? If you have doubts, interview a few agents and ask them important questions, such as: Do they use a professional photographer/videographer? Do they provide floor plans? How about videos? A QR code? If the answer to these questions is no, ask them why. Remember, you want to be a Seller, not just a listing.

Number #3

Number three Negotiating and paperwork. Honestly, all three points are critical, but this is BY FAR the most important and, I believe, the most misunderstood. I argue that it is rare for someone who does not regularly work with the forms in a purchase and sale contract, to fully understand the ins and outs of the paperwork and contingencies. There is so much to know regarding the paperwork. I cannot cover all the information in this one video, but you better believe I will make some videos with more details on this matter in the future. In the meantime, if you THINK you are serving yourself best by selling FSBO or using an agent that doesn’t stay educated or work hard and thoroughly on your behalf, ask yourself a few questions. Do you know what specific terms best suit your needs? How should you ask for them? How do you avoid a buyer holding up your property for weeks or months and the deal falling apart without any ramifications to the Buyer? Do you know how the appraisal or low appraisal addendum works? What about the evidence of funds? When should a buyer include evidence of funds, and how is this information crucial to a seller. What if a buyer doesn’t include a financing contingency but needs a loan and wants an appraisal done on the property? Is this allowed? Why is this important to a Seller? AHHHHHH!!! I am not even scratching the surface! At a minimum, interview a few Realtors and ask them some of these questions. However, I will tell you that every transaction is unique because you have different Buyers, Lenders, Buyers Agents, and Home Inspectors, so even if you know the answer to some of these questions, there is always more to learn. 


Alright. Now that you are informed of the reasons, you should not only hire a Realtor to help you sell your home but an educated professional realtor that knows the ins and outs of marketing and paperwork.

If you are interested in learning more about the forms and contingencies I mentioned above, check out my next video on something called the sellers right to perform.

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