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Your Guide to Family Fun on the South Hill

As a Spokane Realtor and a proud resident of the South Hill area, I’ve had the joy of watching families find their perfect home in this vibrant community. The South Hill neighborhood isn’t just a fantastic place to live; it’s an ideal setting for creating unforgettable family memories. 

From the beautiful parks that adorn our landscape to the cozy, family-friendly cafes, there’s an abundance of activities for families to enjoy together. Let me guide you through the best of family fun on the South Hill, and if you’re ever looking to buy or sell a home in this cherished neighborhood, The Renshaw Group is here to help contact us here!

There are so many fun things to do on the South Hill. This is your guide!

Adventures for Every Season

Manito Park, Cannon Hill Park, and Comstock Park are the cornerstones of South Hill’s outdoor attractions. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny day or looking for the perfect snow-covered hill for sledding, these parks offer year-round family fun.

Rain or shine, there are always fun things to do at South Hill parks.

The colder months bring their own charm, with indoor activities that keep the adventurous spirit alive. Libraries are a highlight for us during the winter, as they offer play structures, storytime, and special events almost every single day of the week. 

In addition to library activities, you can also enjoy the following activities on the South Hill:

  • Yoga at Beyoutiful Hot Yoga
  • Kindermusic for kids’ classes
  • Dance or tumbling classes at the Dance Center of Spokane
  • Swimming at MUV Fitness

Looking for even more things to do during the winter? We created this video listing fun indoor activities for the whole family!

Celebrate Community with Annual Events, Activities, and Local Restaurants

South Hill’s sense of community shines through in our annual events. From the Turkey Trot to The Renshaw Group Oktoberfest, and the Monster Dash, there’s always something to bring families together. 

South Hill parks are the perfect place to enjoy a family or community event.

In addition, our neighborhood boasts a variety of restaurants and cafes that cater to families, making dining out a delightful experience. Some of our favorites include Republic Pi, Perry Street Brewery, Ferrantes, and the Manito Tap House. 

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Spokane’s South Hill has a strong community, one that welcomes newcomers and offers plenty of recreational activities, both inside and outdoors. Exploring the great outdoors is easy with trails and picnic spots like the High Drive Bluff and Upper Manito Park.

The South Hill is a charming place for family- and community-related events

Making Memories on the South Hill

I’ve lived on the South Hill for 15 years, and my family is so lucky to call this lovely area home. 

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the South Hill, beyond all of the family-friendly and community-focused activities. Some fun things to do with friends and family on the South Hill include:

  • Making new friends – Traffic is not a problem on the South Hill, and it’s easy to meet up for play dates, book clubs, or any other sort of hobby or group activity. 
  • The ability to get anywhere quickly – In addition to much less traffic, almost everything you could possibly need is on the South Hill. I literally can hop in my car and see my favorite esthetician within 5 minutes! Same with the gym, doctor, or running trails. We even have a Trader Joe’s!

Living on the South Hill really removes any commute-related issues, especially if you work in downtown Spokane. Imagine what kind of quality of family and community life you could have with a five-minute commute!

The South Hill offers a rich tapestry of experiences for everyone. If you’re dreaming of making memories in this special neighborhood, The Renshaw Group is here to help. Whether buying or selling, we provide the expertise and care you need to navigate the real estate market with confidence.

Imagine having these scenic spots just moments away from your doorstep! Contact The Renshaw Group, and let’s make that dream a reality.

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